Tied, Teased and Denied


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My dear follower, today I have the honor to share one of my daily stories I write to entertain my Queen to you.
Have fun!
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We meet in the living room, Alicia, my brother and I. You gave us some instructions and so we are going to prepare ourselves. I brought some rope with me to do as You wish.
“Goog morning! How are you?” I ask them.
“Fine and you?” You maidboy asks.
“I am fine too, only I am a bit nervous” Alicia adds.
“Oh I slept well and feel good.

He is wearing his maid uniform and Alicia is completely naked.
I put the ropes on the sofa and turn to them.
“Do you have any forther instruction on how we have to tie Alicia up” I look at both, but they negate.
“Hm, let’s think, we have to bring You tied to Miss’ room, so I expect that we don’t have to tie your legs, Alicia… not yet!” and I blink an eye.
“Rigth brother, so how about tying her arms…” he suggests.
“…and her chest!” I add.
We shortly dicuss the details and then we begin.
He ties her wrists together, with her hands palm to palm, while I loop a doubled rope around her chest, right above her breasts. Then around again, under her breasts.
After making a knot in her back I pull it over her left shoulder, between her breasts and under the lower rope and over the upper rope. Then I pull them both a bit closer to emphasize her pretty boobs. I pull the remaining length over her right shoulder to tie one more knot in her back.
“Oh wait…” he has a genius idea and pulls her arms up and over her hear, angles her elbows and guides her wrists in the back of her neck.
I understand his nice idea and use the remainder of the rope to tie it around her wrist coil. This way her arms a securely fixed and she reveals her breasts so beautifully.
“Great idea!” I congratulate him. “Nice ropework!” he returns a compliment.
“AndI I?” Alicia begs for some attention.
He gets closer to her and kisses her tenderly… “You look amazing, my darling!” The way they look in each others eyes is so beautiful and full of love.

They retire and he puts an arm around her back and we go.
I open the door them and follow.
We arrive at Your room and she looks so excite and also a bit nervous.
He hold her close whil I put my hand on her shoulder. She looks thankful in his eyes and then in mine.
I let my fingers caress her shoulder and say “Don’t worry, whatever happens, always think it’s for our Mistresses pleasure!”

Then I carefull open the door and we see You both sitting on the bed, leaning against the head board. You both smile so devilish when You greet us. We greet You respectfully back.

We guide her in the center of the room and then we all kneel down.
You both get out of the bed and come closer.
Miss Venus goes behind Alicia and caresses her tied arms, beginning at her elbows, slowly going down. Alicia shivers from the little ticklish touch in her arm pits.
You walk slowly around us, oberserving us precisely.
Miss Venus’ hands go further down and cup her exposed breasts, fondles them and tenderly squeezes her nipples.
Then You stop in front of me and put the toes of one foot close to me.
“Kiss it and then take the little key from the anklet!”
I bow down and my lips kiss Your foot tenderly before my hands take off the little key.
Then I hold the key up to You, presenting it on my open palm.
“No, my boy! Unlock his cage!”
“Yes, Miss!”

And so I crawl around Alicia.
“Take off his skirt first!”
“As You wish, my Queen!”
So I take of his skirt first and then I unlock his cage.
He looks down on me and then to You.
I open the lock of his cage, take it off and put it aside.

Miss Venus helps Alicia up while You go to the drawer.
When You turn back You order “Get up my boys! You my dear maid boy in front of Alicia and You my boy go behind her!”
We do as You wish.
And we follow and step closer to her.

You come close, right next to Alicia and then we see You have the lube and You put some of it on Your hands before You reach down to take Your properties in Your hands.
With some tender massage You give us our order for this morning:
“My boys, you have the honor to fuck my petgirl…”
You feel Your properties growing and getting harder while we look at You and listen.
“… and I want you both to cum!”
You look to my brother “You in her sweet pussy…” and squeeze his cock
then You turn to me “…and you in her tight ass!”
I feel Your hand closing tighter around Your hard property.
“Yes Miss!”
You let Your properties go and push me closer to Alicia while Miss Venus pushes him closer to her.

I feel how Your lubed property touches her sweet ass and I guide it deeper at her entrance. At the same time my brother gets closer.
With a little help of my hand I get my tip a bit in her and move slowly deeper.
Oh my Goddess, she feels so tight!
Alicia already moans as she gets penetrated.
We are so focused on ourselves that we didn’t see Miss Venus getting things from the drawer.
You whisper to us “Move my boys! I want your cum!”
We start to fuck Alicia slowly and she closes her eyes and moans so sweetly.
A moment later You pull my arms on my back and wrap a rope around my wrists. Miss Venus does the same with Your maidboy.
Then I see Her holding a ball gag and lifting it over his head.
At the same time I see one in front of my face.
You both gag us properly and then You whisper again…
“Oh, one little thing, Alicia is not allowed to have a climax and you both are responsible for that! So if she cums it will be your failure and you know what that means!”
I see his eye widening like mine!
Oh my Goddess! Alicia gets so easily aroused! That will be a hard challenge for us.
And we thought before it would become a challenge for her. We were so wrong.

You both go out of my sight and I look into brother’s eyes.
He looks worried and I share this feeling, how shall we both cum without bringing Alicia to a climax?
Fucking her fast might let us climax, but two wholes filled with hard and throbbing cocks would make her orgasm faster than we think.
Going on slowly could do it, could bring her only close, but it would take much longer for us. I am so hard and still too far from even an edge.
I am still moving slowly in her, but my brother seems to have a different plan. He is going faster, but falls back to a very slow pace to let her calm down slowly.
I hope he knows her really well and can read the arousal from her eyes.

I see Miss Venus stepping behind him and getting closer. She come really close and then I see it in his eyes and Her moves!!!
She is fucking his ass with Her strap-on!

Alicia sees that and moans so nice, too nice!

I can’t find a clear thought before I feel You behind me, Your hand gliding down my back, over my tied hands, down to my ass. I feel Your fingers in a firm grip on my cheek while You other hand holds my arm.
You release my cheek and then I feel the tip of Your strapless slowly digging deeper.
I relax my ass and then I feel it entering my, in one move You push it as deep as possible and I moan in the gag.

You both are fucking us as You wish!
I see Her taking him hard and fast while I feel You demanding and not less fast.

Your moves also stimulates Alicia and she moans too beautiful. I wish I could help her to distract from the stimulation, but I can only lay my forehead in her neck.

Your hook an arm under my elbows and I feel You fucking me harder.
Oh my Goddess, it feels so good!

That’s it! That could work!
If I only do very slow moves in her, keeping me hard and let Your dildo push me over?
I fall back to a slow move, but it is so frustrating slow! The wish to fuck her hard, to reach my goal, to get to the permitted orgasm, is so huge!

I look over Alicia’s shoulder and see Miss Venus, see Her arousal from fucking him nice and hard. She smiles so devilish back.
I try to get his attention, but his eyes are half closed. I am glad to see that at least he is trying to move slow in his girl’s pussy. She is constantly moaning, but I can hear that she is not too close yet.

You reach the other hand around and Your fingers find my nipple to play with it! Your breath in my neck and Your aroused whisper in my ear.
“Why don’t you fuck her harder, wild and hard? Don’t you want to cum, my boy? You have not only permission, you must cum!”
Oh my, Your words are so tempting, but I know that wouldn’t be a good idea to fuck her harder… oh my Goddess, but I wish I could!

We all are moaning louder!
Your dildo feels so good that I mainly focus on the pleasure it gives.
It seems my brother has the same plan.

I feel how Alicia wants to help and she squeezes her ass to make it tighter. A sweet help!
Together with Your hard moves I feel my climax coming closer, the pressure in my balls increasing. my eyes are closed already, I am just feeling… her ass… Your strap-on.
If I could I would scream Your name and beg You continue nice and hard!
I am getting closer…. and closer… and….
OH!!!! Yeeesssss! I moan deep and loud in the gag as I feel how my cum finds its way out if my balls and though the shaft until it shoot in her ass. One pulse after the other emptying my balls.
Alicia moans louder as she feels it.

You pull me back a step and Your property slips out of her ass. It’s hard and throbbing and wet. My cum leaks out of her ass and runs down her legs.
Your hand bends me forward and You keep fucking me hard and wild. I hear Your moaning getting so loud and I feel Your climax is close.
With a long and releasing scream You find Your satisfaction, so beautiful and arousing!

I look up and see and hear him cumming too at the same time Miss Venus’ body shakes in an intense climax.

Only Your sweet petgirl is standing there panting, exhausted and unsatisfied! Cum is leaking and running down her legs and dripping on the floor.

You pull the dildo out of my ass, leaving that feeling of emptiness. You take off my gag, it feels good to move the jaw again and You also untied my wrists.
“Show me how thankful you are, my boy, and kiss my feet!”
I fall on my knees and I kiss Your feet “Thank You so much, my Queen, for making me cum!” I kiss them again “Thank You so much, Miss!” and kiss them again.
My brother does similar with Miss Venus.

"Now boys, thank my sweet petgirl and clean her!" You smile so powerful and beautiful.
I turn and kneel behind her while he kneels in front of her.

"Thank You, Alicia, to let me use your pretty ass, and thank you to let me cum in it!"
“Thank you, my love, for making me cum into your sweet pussy!”
Then we both bend down and each of us lick all our cum off of her legs. Slowly upwards from her ankle along her leg until I stop with my tongue deep between her butt cheeks.

"Good boys! now clean up this place!" You order and Miss Venus holds Alicia’s hip and guides her in direction of the bathroom "…while we three take a nice shower!"

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I am thinking in my beautiful Mistress and Her wonderful Love!
Their love is is touching and fills me with happiness.
My obedience, trust and loyalty belongs to them.


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Just beautiful

Just beautiful

(Source: womanwiththemask)

Your hand in my hair while I please You feels always so wonderful!

Your hand in my hair while I please You feels always so wonderful!

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That sweet devil in You…*smile*

That sweet devil in You…

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My gift for You, Miss! Decorating Your property for Your entertainment.

My gift for You, Miss! Decorating Your property for Your entertainment.

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That a perfect place for me, at Your feet having permission to kiss them.

That a perfect place for me, at Your feet having permission to kiss them.

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"Your pleasure is so important for me, my Queen."

"Your pleasure is so important for me, my Queen."

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